Businesses shut their doors as gunman on loose

16th June 2017 1:53 PM

RESIDENTS have reacted with shock to the news a man allegedly attempted a car jacking at Toogoolawah.

Ipswich police have declared an emergency situation and have cordoned off an area surrounding a house in Toogoolawah, where an armed man is believed to be hiding.

At around 9.15am police attended an address in Bellambi St, Toogoolawah, to speak to a man.



BREAKING: Heavily armed police wearing bullet proof vests

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Information was then received that a male suspect had gone to ground at a home in nearby Bellambi St.

Police fear the man is armed and negotiators are on scene.



There is some confusion among residents, with conflicting reports being spread.

Sharon Phillips from BGA AgriServices Toogoolawah said residents had been told to be vigilant.



She said she understood no businesses had been affected.

"We've closed all our doors to the business and left one open so we can monitors who's going in and out, on the advice of police.

"We really don't know how serious it is."




>> BREAKING: Heavily armed police wearing bullet proof vests